Denver Broncos Matt Prater Apologizes For Drinking Beer

He got a DUI 3 years ago and enrolled in the NFL’s drug program…good on him. But to say 3 years later the guy can’t have beer in the off season is fucking stupid.

How is the society we live in? Somehow screwing up once precludes you from ever engaging in that behavior again. I don’t understand extinction behavior over becoming a responsible adult. 

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Meet the Beer Bottle Dictator

The labels I created were pretty straightforward and had only a couple minor revisions but the idea that he is helping regulate anything is just plain stupid. This guy has approved labels rife with sexual innuendo, implied obscenity (none of which I have a problem with) and in the same breath said that certain imagery is conveying a false meaning. 

Eccentric…maybe, headcase….clearly.

(Source: ferretthebeer)

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Liver Rejunenation

So the first part of this process was clearly to cut out one thing that taxes it heavily, drinking. Just giving it a month without processing anything than clean food is a great start but I’m a huge believer in supplements and whether they work or if it’s the placebo effect working…there is a positive benefit. Obviously this isn’t medical advice…just a dude on the internet sharing what he is doing.

So what exactly am I taking during this time off any why?

Milk Thistle:There have been quite a few studies done and while nothing is conclusive it is recommended for this with cirrhosis and is touted as being protective of the liver while enhancing it’s functions. it has also been shown to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

Curcumin: This is the beneficial compound found in tumeric. It’s thought to be a super powerful anti-inflammatory that can inhibit cirrhosis from developing. One thing to note is that your body has trouble digesting curcumin so you need to make sure the supplement has bioprene (found in black pepper).

Yellow Dock: This was included in my Milk Thistle supplement and what I know about it is that docks are high in bioflavanoids that are important for strong capillaries.

Thyme: I’ve read about Thyme in this book. It’s more anecdotal than studied evidence…but why the hell not. It’s a delicious spice and I cook with it a lot.

Dandelion: The roots contain choline which is a liver stimulant as well as increasing the flow of bile for breaking down fatty foods.

Glutamine: The body becomes deficient in its glutathione reserves quickly and is part of what contributes to a hangover because while you are sleeping and “resting”  your body is in full production mode. Glutamine is also the most important non-essential amino acid in the body.

Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is responsible for controlling over 1,000 genes in your body. You don’t want to be deficient in that shit.

B-Complex: Drinking creates deficiencies in B6, B12, Folate.

ZMA: Zinc Magnesium Aspartate is a sleeping aid that also boosts testosterone production which gets turned down a bit while drinking.

Basically kids…drinking really fucks your body up. It creates deficiencies that long term add up to alcoholism, diabetes, fatty liver and just a general shitty standard of life. Give your liver a break every once and a while, give it some nutrients to help it out during that recovery phase. I’ve started taking these as a protocol for when I do start drinking again in attempts to mitigate some of the shitty side effects.


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So some of you may wonder what I’m doing during this time I’m not drinking…or you may not…

I started pickling some kale, some apples and lemon cucumbers, peach/pear/apples.

Rendering some tallow. I know it needs to be ground…thing was my food processor broke and I was tired or storing the fat in my freezer so I just rendered what was available..

Pasta sauce. 3-5 pounds of mixed tomatoes, walla walla sweets, garlic, rosemary, oregano and basil oven-roasted for 3 hours.

Last but not least  the two 1gallon batches of cider. Each with a different yeast. The larger part of this effort is to starting using a bunch of different yeasts and do some flavor tests.

oh….and playing Battlefield 4.

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