Burning a Stick of Dynamite at Both Ends

My new job is going great! Super busy so I’ve been neglecting the blog, the webseries, the gaming podcast I do…I’m basically putting all my effort into work, starting a brewery and keeping the Mrs. happy…or at least not upset with me.

We’ve narrowed down the city we will be in (we think) and are looking at two locations. One is an old creamery building that has refrigeration and a loading dock built in so that saves some work up front. The other is on a cliff side overlooking the river. Still haven’t finished the business plan but believe it or not the location is going to dictate a lot of the business plan.

We are going to start interviewing brewers next weekend.

Cheers friends

The Real McCoy

This Saturday at 8am I will have spent 29 years on this planet. Most of my life I’ve never been overly confident…in fact I’ve done almost everything I can to fly under the radar and go unnoticed until I wanted to make myself known. Saying I was content acting average, even though I’ve known I was above that is an understatement.

I can say this was true my entire academic career… I coasted instead of pushing myself (my senior thesis aside). I tried to do just enough in my first job to get praise but never be called upon to do more. In these very specific ways I’ve allowed myself to just kind of exist doing two things I’ve done my entire life even though I’ve always wanted more.

People say “life changes”…I’m not so sure it does but people do. I suppose this grand shift started with the formation of Portland Loves Pints and creating a podcast and webseries dedicated to a topic I was passionate about. Getting to create good work I could be proud of for no other reason than a selfish want/need to create. This has led to my work with Gilgamesh Brewing and last year I realized how professionally unhappy I was… when people say their job was killing them…I get it.

Flying under the radar had become underachieving which became depressing. I started applying for graphic design jobs… anything… everything… for three months I had ben interviewing. Aveda, Dosha Salon, Metal Toad, Peacehealth and nothing was the right fit. These interviews gave me hope…people saw something in my that I hadn’t seen in myself for a long time.

I’m embarking on what is most likely going to be a rebranding of a multimillion dollar company within weeks of being there while simultaneously opening a brewery with a collective of individuals looking to do something special. It’s interesting to see a 180 degree turn in my life, to feel it, to know the my abilities and ambition are finally aligned.

29 years to be the me I could envision as a child isn’t bad.

Brewers Association Responds to FDA’s Spent Grain Proposal : Brewbound.com

This is such utter bullshit. It’s another example of bureaucracy trying to nickel and dime independent business owners.

And on that note…I’m not sure how long Portland Loves Pints is going to exist as it does… between starting a new job, doing the graphic design for a brewery…and…(drumroll)…STARTING MY OWN BREWERY! I feel like my time might be a little crunched…

I swear I’m not dead…just started a new job Monday so while I’m getting that all under control my postings might be more sparse…and that much more special.

Mar. 20th, 2014 - Morpheus is Real and Let's not Celebrate Mediocrity, Mmmmkay!

This genuinely might be one of the best podcasts we have ever done but it’s a beast a two hours. We also drank a lot… in fact way way too much.