'Swill' beer recalled due to possible explosions

If you are a fan of 10 Barrel and are a fan of their seasonal Swill take notice. This beer is unpasteurized and has started fermentation in the bottle resulting in potential bottle bombs.

That they gave an interview telling people to throw away the beer they bought with no mention of reimbursement is plain fucking stupid. However I did reach out via twitter and they said if you have 12 or 22oz bottles to email them at swill@10barrel.com so I guess all is well.

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Tobacco Returns To The Bar, This Time Inside Cocktails

This is so understated it’s not even funny. You know how you have heard about all those kids getting nicotine poisoning because of the flavored vaporizer cartridges. Double down on this because you have no idea how much tobacco was used to make the bitters or cocktail and you can get that same feeling of not being drunk like if you have an energy drink cocktail.

I’ve had a fantastic Manhattan with tobacco bitters at OX but I’ve also had one with orange bitters and chocolate bitters that were just as good with no real risk other than being so damn good I needed a second.

I’m making my own bitters right now and despite wanting to make tobacco bitters I’m going to pass.

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"So uh… my new 44lb kettlebell is ridiculously heavy."
- I have really strong grip strength but hands hurt so bad today, time to start rebuilding…and work off this beer belly I’m developing.

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Been absent from tumblr for awhile…been busy with the new job and starting a brewery. I apologize and will resume sharing beer and neat stuff again soon. In the mean time…

My wife and I went to this winery in the high desert near Quincy, Washington called Cave B. For starters it was refreshing to taste so many fruit forward white wines coming from a place where the pinot noir is king. Second this place was gorgeous…it’s the most at piece I have felt in years. I had zero cares in the world. There are some awesome trails to hike even though there are a lot of rattlesnakes. There is a pool, an amazing restaurant, a field to play volleyball and soccer, bocci ball.

I’m unclear if that last photo of me just has weird lighting or if I had an erection from the amazing surroundings? It was fucking heaven on earth.

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